Microsoft: Xbox One Sold In 1.2 Million Units During Previous Quarter

The company might slow down production in coming months

Microsoft announces that for the quarter that ended on March 31 it has managed to ship 1.2 million Xbox One home consoles and that its Devices and Consumer Hardware division has managed to post an increase in revenue when compared to the same period of last year.

The sold-in number means that the devices have reached stores, but the company does not say exactly how many of them were actually sold to players.

Microsoft says that revenue for the part of the company that handles the Xbox One has grown by 12 percent in order to reach 8.30 billion dollars (6.2 billion Euro) and that during the same period, it has also managed to sell 800,000 of the older Xbox 360.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Satya Nadella, commented on the financial results by saying that his company was making good progress in a market that's dominate by cloud and mobile tech but has not mentioned the Xbox One in his remarks in any way.

Microsoft says that it plans to continue to deliver innovative products in the coming months and to try to improve overall user experience for all its hardware and software line-up.

In an investor call, Amy Hood, the chief financial officer of the company, is quoted by Gamasutra as saying that, “We do expect to work through some inventory in Q4” and that a “channel inventory drawdown for Xbox consoles” is coming.

This probably means that production for the Xbox line of hardware is higher than demand in the market at the moment, but it’s unclear whether the executive is talking about the older 360 or about the new next-gen device.

Microsoft has said that more than 5 million Xbox One consoles were delivered to players.

During roughly the same period, the rival PlayStation 4 from Sony has managed to sell 7 million devices all over the world.

The Xbox One will be coming to 26 secondary markets in September, although exact pricing and dates have not yet been revealed.

Rumors are also suggesting that Microsoft will soon unveil a new version of its device, which will no longer feature the Kinect motion tracking system and will be offered for a lower price at some point during the fall.

During E3 2014, the company is also expected to fully reveal the new Halo title for the Xbox One, which will deliver a big boost in hardware sales when launched.

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