Microsoft Working on Windows Update Fix as More Users Confirm the Bug

The latest Patch Tuesday fixes have broken down Windows Update

Microsoft is yet to publicly confirm this, but plenty of users have reported Windows Update bugs on their Windows RT devices after the latest Patch Tuesday fixes delivered last week.

It appears that both Windows Update and the Windows Store fail to load on many Windows RT units, including Microsoft’s own Surface RT, due to what seems to be a buggy Patch Tuesday fix.

“After applying the patches this Tuesday my Surface RT will not connect to Windows Update. It gets stuck on the progress circle after selecting Windows Update from PC Settings and the circle eventually stops. I can confirm this behavior on 2 of our 3 Surfaces but have not checked the 3rd yet,” one of the users explained.

“I had this issue also. I restarted - twice with no effect. Windows Update in Desktop didn't respond and the window froze. I ended up doing a Refresh, reloading all of the patches and firmware updates, doing another restart before Windows Update was able to connect again,” another one added.

A Surface support engineer has already confirmed that Microsoft was looking into the matter, but he hasn’t provided any useful information on what could be the source of the problem.

“We're taking a look into this. Please be patient while we check to see what is happening,” he briefly said.

Just as we told you yesterday, a similar issue has been spotted on our Surface RT tablets as well, with both the Windows Store and the Windows Update tool failing to launch.

Rebooting the device doesn’t seem to make any difference, and the only way we managed to access the Store was to refresh the tablet and block updates from installing.

We’ve contacted Microsoft on this, but we’re yet to receive an answer at the time of writing this article.

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