Microsoft Won’t Release a Docking Station for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro

The company is planning such a device for the upcoming Surface Pro

Microsoft will soon release the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, an upgraded version of its RT tablet that’ll run the full version of the operating system to offer support for desktop apps.

Thanks to its features, the Surface Pro has the potential to become a real replacement for the traditional laptop, as it is able to provide the same productivity, but mixed with the portability of a tablet.

Since it could replace notebooks in many companies across the world, employees ask for a docking station that could really become a big selling point for the tablet.

“Our company mainly use laptops and have docks for when working in the office, if we were to adopt using the Surface as a replacement this would be essential,” one of the users said on the forums. “Microsoft definitely needs to make a dock for the Surface Pro for business use,” another one added.

Unfortunately, Steven_B, a Microsoft Surface support engineer, said on the company’s forums that no docking station was in the works for the upcoming tablet, but he suggested that the marketing division may consider it at some point in the future.

“Unfortunately at this time, we do not have any plans for a docking station. We'll definitely pass along the information to the Marketing team,” the Surface team member said in a post.

The Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be launched on February 9 and will come in two different versions, one with 64 GB of storage space priced at $899 (€665) and another one with 128 GB and with a price tag of $999 (€738).

The tablets won’t be delivered with a Touch Cover, but such a peripheral will be available separately.

Instead, the company will include a Surface Touch pen into every single package, trying to make drawing and writing easier especially when working in the desktop mode.

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