Microsoft: Windows XP Is Obsolete, Move to Vista Now!

Ignoring Vista = ignoring the inevitable, "HELL YEAH!!!"

Is Windows Vista really superior to all predecessor Windows operating systems? Well Microsoft is beating the old drum of Vista as the most secure Windows platform available since the introduction of the operating system. But while end users would be inclined to choose another version of Windows as the top dog when it comes down to reliability, performance, driver compatibility and application support, Microsoft can only point to Windows Vista. And in the wake of announcements concerning the availability and contents of the first service pack for the operating system, Microsoft is pouring a consistent amount of efforts into convincing users, be them in the home or the corporate environments, to upgrade/migrate to Vista as soon as possible.

"When it comes to deploying a new OS (whether at the Data Centers or for the end users consumption) the IT Pros tend to take a more cautious 'wait and see approach'. So the question begs, why should the new operating system from the software giant get any better treatment, is Windows Vista any better than its predecessors such as Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, XP, in simple words the answer is a bold and resounding "HELL YEAH!!!" Migrations to the Windows Vista is inevitable for the enterprise across the globe, delaying the planning and testing the OS in limited manner would only cause substantial issues in the future and could also lead to user dissatisfaction," stated Omer Qureshi, Microsoft Technology Development Manager.

Well, if the "Wow" did not sell you, then "HELL YEAH!!!" will surely move you in the right direction. And to Vista of course. The Wow was good, but just a tad Sotto Voce and a little limp. "HELL YEAH!!!" is a different approach altogether. Can you imagine if Microsoft had gone with the "HELL YEAH!!!" $500 million marketing campaign? With a slogan such as "Windows Vista "HELL YEAH!!!"" That would have definitely sold well in excess of 60 million copies of Vista in the first six months of availability.

But "HELL YEAH!!!" can also fail. The potential of a failure is less monumental than that of the Wow, but... However, fear not, Qureshi has a back up solution. If a positive marketing campaign will not pursue users to move to Vista, Microsoft will scare you into upgrading. "Imagine that in 2008 and if you are running/supporting ancient OS like Windows 2000 (launched 8+ years ago) or XP (7+ years ago), OEMs and device manufacturers and ISVs or software vendors would continue to limit their support for these older OS and at the same time you would be missing out on all the great features and cost savings that Windows Vista has to offer," Qureshi added.

Relax... Breathe in... Breathe out... You are in your safe place. Now imagine that you are running Windows XP! Scared yet?

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