Microsoft: We’re Trying to Be More Human

“The refreshed website reflects our new approach”

Microsoft redesigned the website just before the official Windows 8 launch and the company is now claiming that this distinct new look does nothing more than to reflect its new approach to “helping and communicating with customers.”

Designed to bring the main Windows 8 features in the spotlight, the design is fun, functional and quite beautiful, Microsoft says.

“When we first started planning the new site, we knew this was going to be a significant group effort. Building and running a website of this magnitude takes expertise from designers, marketers, writers, engineers, and web publishers. In a large organization like Windows, wrangling all of the teams needed to accomplish such a task can be quite an undertaking,” Ulrike Irmler, principal content publishing manager, Windows, said in a blog post.

The Redmond-based technology company claims its new approach is a bit different, as it tries to be more human, open and informative with all customers., however, is not the only website that was facelifted before the official debut of Windows 8. The official corporate webpage received a brand new design, while the MSN page is now featuring a fresh look for all Windows 8 consumers using Internet Explorer 10.

The new MSN page is only available to those who have already deployed Windows 8 and are browsing the Internet with IE 10, but the new design will most likely be released to a broader audience anytime soon.

All of them are inspired by Windows 8’s new look and present Microsoft’s new approach for the feature.

“Based on traffic and customer satisfaction data, we significantly reduced the number of pages and ruthlessly archived outdated content,” Irmler added.

“Our new site has all of the great assets that you’re used to, but has a distinct new look—in fact, we think it’s fun, functional, and quite beautiful.”

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