Microsoft Wants Windows 8.1 to Be “a Vital and Loved Part of People’s Lives”

The company promises to offer users a completely new experience with Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 came to be in stable form last month and Microsoft relaunched its typical marketing blitz supposed not only to promote the new operating system, but also to showcase the improvements it made to its revamped platform.

Microsoft is said to be adopting a similar strategy as the one it embraced after the launch of Windows 8 and trying to promote the modern operating system as a product that delivered a streamlined experience across multiple devices.

A report published by WinSuperSite reveals that Redmond is now trying to “make the Windows experience a vital and loved part of people’s lives,” in an attempt make the brand more aspirational.

While it’s too early to judge Windows 8.1 and Microsoft’s new marketing strategy, the “aspirational” concept reminds of Windows Vista, the company biggest fail in the OS market which has been promoted using the same term.

“Windows 8.1 builds on our vision to offer businesses the most powerful and flexible modern operating system across devices, help customers enable their mobile users wherever they are working, and combine that flexibility with the manageability and security IT Pros demand,” Microsoft’s Erwin Visser said in October.

Windows 8.1 is available not only on desktop computers, but also on tablets in the form of Windows RT 8.1. Microsoft’s tablet operating system has been significantly improved with enhanced touch support and new features specifically designed to be used on a portable device, including updated Modern apps.

At the same time, Microsoft has also struggled to make the OS a bit more familiar by implementing not only a Start button, but also by offering users some of the options they have been asking for, including settings to boot directly to desktop and skip the Start screen.

Last but not least, Redmond is willing to make the OS update available to as many users as possible, so the new release is now available free of charge from the Windows Store.

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