Microsoft Urges Consumers to Install Windows 8.1 Update by May 13

Windows 8.1 Update needs to be installed to receive future patches

Windows 8.1 Update is a mandatory update for everyone running Windows 8.1, which means that if you refuse to deploy it, your computer can’t get patched via Windows Update as part of the next Patch Tuesday rollouts.

In a blog update published during the weekend, Microsoft says that everyone running Windows 8.1 needs to install the recently released update by May 13. Otherwise, they won’t be included in the next Patch Tuesday cycle and no fixes would show up in Windows Update on their computers, the company says.

Those who do not rely on Windows Update to install patches and fixes can always download Windows 8.1 Update manually, but everyone still has to deploy it as soon as possible.

“The Windows 8.1 Update is a required update to keep Windows 8.1 devices current. It will need to be installed to receive new updates from Windows Update starting on May 13th. Customers who have Automatic Update turned on don’t need to be concerned because the update will be installed for them automatically prior to May 13th,” the software giant explained.

However, if you are late to the party, the only thing that you’ll get to see on May 13 is the KB2919355 MSU file that actually comprises the aforementioned Windows 8.1 Update. Users first need to download and install this one, reboot their computers, and only then proceed with the deployment of the next Patch Tuesday fixes.

“For customers managing updates on their devices manually and haven’t installed the Windows 8.1 Update prior to May 13th, they will only see the option to install the Windows 8.1 Update in Windows Update. No new updates will be visible to them until they install the Windows 8.1 Update. For customers on metered networks, they will get the same experience until they install the Windows 8.1 Update,” the company continued.

Windows 8.1 Update is being delivered via Windows Update for all consumers running Windows 8.1 and is offered free of charge on both desktops and tablets. It comprises a plethora of improvements for the traditional PC, including options to pin Metro apps to the taskbar and Start screen enhancements to quickly search for files and shut down or reboot the device.

A number of users are nonetheless experiencing issues with the installation of Windows 8.1 Update, and while Microsoft is working to address all issues, a number of computers could still be left with the update due to technical bugs.

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