Microsoft Urged to Change Surface with Windows 8 Pro Strategy

Resellers want to get the new tablet straight after launch

Microsoft officially released the Surface RT tablet on October 26, but the company initially decided to sell the device through its official store network exclusively.

The tablet was thus available in a limited number of countries, with analysts citing this decision as the main reason for the poor early sales.

The company, however, has decided to allow non-Microsoft retailers to sell the Surface RT too, in a last-minute attempt to boost sales just before the Pro version hits the shelves.

Now Microsoft is urged to change the strategy when it comes to the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, with retailers asking the Redmond-based technology giant to allow them to sell the tablet after launch.

Richard Gibbons, software manager at Microsoft partner Bechtle, told that interest in the Surface Pro is high, so allowing retailers to sell the tablet is the right decision.

“We have a number of customers holding projects for the Surface Pro and once it becomes available they will want to get purchasing straight away. If it is a matter of a couple of weeks, maybe they will be happy to wait so they can go through their normal channels. But if that wait is extended, they will buy it from anywhere,” he said.

“Microsoft needs to make it available to the channel, ideally at the same time [as launch] or very soon after.”

The company is yet to announce the release date of the new Surface tablet, but our own sources have suggested that Microsoft may launch it on January 29, with sales to begin the next day.

In addition, Microsoft is yet to confirm whether it plans to sell the device through its store network exclusively, but one thing is for sure: the Surface with Windows 8 Pro is going to be a fairly expensive gadget, as pricing will start at $899 (€680).

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