Microsoft Upgrades iPhone, iPad Trade-in Program to Boost Windows 8.1 Sales

The tech giant is trying to boost sales of its latest Windows 8 products

Microsoft last week started a brand new trade-in program, claiming that it could offer up to $200 (€150) to iPad owners who give up their tablets in exchange for a Surface tablet.

This time, the Softies are trying to boost Windows sales with the help of a broader campaign aimed at owners of many more gadgets beside iPads.

ZDNet is reporting that Redmond launched a new campaign with the help of Clover Wireless to entice owners of both smartphones and tablets and convince them to purchase a new Windows Phone or tablet, such as the Surface RT or Pro.

“Get up to $350 (€260) back when you trade up from an old iPad, iPhone, or other device to a new Windows Phone or tablet. It’s easy! Just find out how much your old device is worth, purchase a new Windows Phone or tablet, mail the old device to Clover Wireless and they’ll send you a Visa prepaid card in return,” the ad reads.

The new campaign is clear proof that Microsoft continues to bet big on its modern operating system, especially because both the Windows and the Surface product families are scheduled to receive updates in the coming months.

Windows 8.1 will be officially released in October and will bring updates not only to the desktop operating system, but also to tablets and mobile phones.

At the same time, the company is set to unveil new versions of the Surface RT and Pro next week during an event in New York. Both devices will get several hardware upgrades, including better processors, more RAM, and a wider range of accessories supposed to improve the overall experience.

Last but not least, a smaller Surface tablet, possibly equipped with an 8-inch screen, is likely to go live by the end of the year and compete against the likes of Apple iPad mini and Nexus 7.

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