Microsoft Updates Windows 8.1 Preview Setup with SkyDrive Backup, Two-Step Verification

The company is making a few changes to the Out of Box Experience

Microsoft has improved not only the Windows 8.1 Preview operating system, but also the setup process, so the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) is going to bring some important changes.

According to some leaked details published online a few hours ago, Windows 8.1 Preview users will be allowed to choose if they want Windows Store apps to be automatically updated or not. The same setting is also included in the Windows Store configuration screen, so you can access it at a later time as well.

Two-step verification is also included once you set up your Microsoft account, but a skipping option is also displayed on the screen, just in case you don’t want to perform such a task during the setup.

In addition, the built-in SkyDrive support will allow you to back up your settings to your SkyDrive account from the very beginning. The SkyDrive account also serves as the default output location for the Camera app.

Last but not least, if you’re connected to the Internet during the setup process, you have no other choice than to log in with a Microsoft account, as the option to create local accounts is disabled.

“If a customer is blocked at the Microsoft Account step you can go back one step in OOBE and disconnect the network connection. OOBE provides an option to proceed with a local account when the PC is disconnected,” is mentioned in some leaked documents describing the Windows 8.1 Preview upgrading process.

Keep in mind that Microsoft will officially unveil Windows 8.1 Preview this week during the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, but the stable version won’t arrive sooner than August or September.

Some previously-leaked photos indicated that Windows 8.1 was set to hit RTM in August before eventually reaching general availability in October.

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