Microsoft Unveils XML Notepad 2007

Windows Installer XML for Vista was fixed

Following the success of XML Notepad 2006 launched just a couple of months ago, the Redmond Company has revamped the product and has made it available for immediate download. XML Notepad 2007 delivers support for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, .NET Frameworks v2.0 and added Vista compatibility. Down to its core, XML Notepad 2007 is not an overhauling of the previous version but a release that resolves a few bugs. I said that this release adds support for Windows Vista, but instead I should have said that it fixes install problems to ensure that XML Notepad 2007 installs and runs smoothly on Microsoft's latest operating system.

"XML Notepad 2006 was released on the 1st September 2006, and 2 months later it had 175,000 downloads! So it looks like this little utility has found a useful place in your toolkit which is exactly what we were hoping. Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports; many of which have been incorporated and fixed in this new version. There are also a few new features thrown in just for fun," reads a description from Microsoft.

With this release, Microsoft has fixed 14 bugs affecting XML Notepad 2007, from the Windows Installer XML to transitioning the code to CodePlex.

The new features added involve new icons with visuals comparable to the Vista Notepad icons, the addition of a default XSL transform and keyboard accelerators, support for loading IXmlBuilder and IXmlEditor implementations and the optimization of source code localization.

XML Notepad is available for download here.

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