Microsoft Trying to Bring Back the Windows 7 Feel in Windows 9

The next Windows operating system needs to work in a similar way with Windows 7

Microsoft has already started work to restore full functionality of the classic Windows in the modern version of its operating system, but no significant changes are expected to be made until Windows 9.

Basically, Windows 9 is the OS version that's expected to bring back the Windows 7 feel, thus making the modern operating system work on desktop computers in a similar fashion with the last OS version that came with a Start menu by default.

In fact, most of the changes that are rumored to be part of Windows 9 are actually supposed to do exactly this, at least on PCs, where Microsoft is hoping to make its new software a lot more powerful.

The Start menu is now rumored to return in Windows 9, instead of a second Windows 8.1 update as Microsoft announced at the BUILD 2014 developer conference in April.

It turns out that for some reason or another, which may or may not be related to the pace of the development process, Microsoft no longer wants to reintroduce the Start menu this year, but in April 2015 when Windows 9 is likely to make its debut.

In addition to that, Microsoft is also trying to improve the experience on the desktop with dedicated windows for Metro apps, which would basically mean that users might be allowed to launched these apps in their separate windows just like traditional software.

But overall, Microsoft is clearly trying to bring back the Windows 7 feel in the modern flavor of Windows and the features that users have requested ever since Windows 8 got to see daylight are living proof.

First of all, adopters requested a Start menu similar to the one offered in Windows 7. Microsoft has already confirmed that such a feature would return soon, and a Start button is already available.

Second of all, those who switched to Windows 8 asked for an option to boot directly to the desktop, just like it happens in Windows 7. Microsoft brought this one into modern Windows as well with the debut of Windows 8.1.

The Windows 7 feel is clearly the secret ingredient that could make Windows 9 a very successful product. Windows 8, 8.1, and 8.1 Update are yet to take off and as things look like know, they are unlikely to do this in the coming months. Everyone is waiting not only for another Windows 8.1 update, but also for Windows 9, the next big milestone in Windows' history that could really bring users back to Microsoft's flagship platform.

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