Microsoft Talks Email in Windows 8.1

The company has revealed more information about the revamped Metro Mail app

Microsoft has completely redesigned the Mail app for Windows 8.1, so users are now provided with a richer feature package if they decide to deploy the new operating system.

The company has now rolled out a lengthy blog post to discuss the improvements it made to the Mail app, explaining that it’s just the right email client for users embracing either Windows 8 or Windows RT.

“When we began working on the Mail app for Windows 8.1, we had a lot of customer feedback to consider. We also recognized that people use email today in many different ways than they have in the past, and that the email service you use can make all the difference,” Microsoft said.

“For us, that meant ensuring that the Mail app truly takes advantage of the service. It also led us to optimize the Mail app in Windows 8.1 for a modern mail experience—one that is efficient on mobile devices, built for touch, integrated into your whole life, and designed for the types of mail that matter most to you.”

Of course, the app has been optimized for the touch and now offers advanced multi-account features, support for more IT policies and options to quickly mark folders as favorites.

Just as expected, Microsoft recommends consumers to use the built-in Mail account with, explaining that the overall experience is greatly improved with the company’s email service.

You can thus get newsletters and social updates, you get access to’s Sweep feature, you can set up automatic replies and even synchronize Outlook contacts and calendars with your Windows 8.1 device.

“So if you ask us what’s most interesting about this update to the email experience on Windows 8.1, we’ll say that we think it’s the best email experience for tablets. But at the same time, we worked hard to make it the most complete email experience possible—one that spans your whole life, works equally well across different devices, provides custom views and powerful tools for staying up-to-date and organized, and delivers on the fundamentals,” the company concluded.

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