Microsoft Tag Mobile Barcode Service to Close in Two Years

Microsoft Tag users will be able to migrate to Scanbuy's ScanLife platform

Microsoft Tag, one of the most popular mobile services from the company, will be shut down in two years, the Redmond-based software giant has officially announced today.

The service, designed to provide users with the possibility to easily create and scan Tags and other barcodes, was launched in 2009, being capable of connecting consumers to mobile content, including videos, music, product information, and more.

The Microsoft Tag service is currently accessible through a downloadable mobile client that has been already installed on millions of devices, Microsoft said.

In addition to announcing plans to close the service, Microsoft has also unveiled that Scanbuy, Inc., a leading mobile engagement solutions provider, has already been chosen as a licensee for the technology.

Despite that, however, Microsoft has decided to retire the service on August 19, 2015. Starting with September 18, 2013, Scanbuy will offer support for Microsoft Tag Technology on the ScanLife platform.

“All Microsoft Tags in the market will continue to work, new codes can be generated, and scan reports will be available as usual through the Microsoft Tag Service until Aug. 19, 2015,” Microsoft announced.

Furthermore, the company has confirmed that all Microsoft Tag customers will have the option to migrate to the ScanLife platform, and that they will be provided with the necessary tools to do so.

“This transition path will help current Microsoft Tag customers to continue running campaigns using Microsoft Tags on the ScanLife platform,” the company said.

All current Microsoft Tag customers or new companies interested in taking advantage of the service will be able to create and scan Tags using Scanbuy’s ScanLife platform and mobile application.

They will also enjoy access to mobile experiences that change based on context; multiple mobile triggers (Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix, or EZCode formats) for new campaigns; and the option to migrate codes, scan history, account information and the like.

The ScanLife platform will also offer support for creating NFC tags, short URLs and other mobile triggers, while also providing Microsoft Tag mobile app users with the Scanbuy Tag client and with enhanced integration with the ScanLife community.

“The mobile engagement space continues to grow rapidly with millions of additional new transactions worldwide,” Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy, said.

“With this ability to allow our ScanLife customers to create and scan tags using the Microsoft Tag technology, Scanbuy will process data from an additional two million scans per month to help customers understand consumer interests and product intent.”

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