Microsoft Tag Makes Debut to Hollywood Stardom with “Bridesmaids”

Microsoft Tag has a claim at Hollywood stardom with the technology helping an otherwise traditional promotion connect movie goers with online experiences.

The Redmond company’s innovative barcode scanning technology will be used for the campaign designed to introduce upcoming comedy “Bridesmaids” from Universal Pictures.

Produced by Judd Apatow (“Knocked Up,” “Superbad”) and directed by Paul Feig (“Freaks and Geeks”), “Bridesmaids” will be released in May 2011, but thanks to the collaboration between Microsoft and Universal Pictures, smartphone users will get easy access to content related to the movie via Microsoft Tag.

The example of full-page ad for "Bridesmaids” included at the top of this article can help readers get an idea of how the software giant’s mobile tagging technology can enhance analog content.

Such advertisements will be featured in a range of magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, InStyle, People StyleWatch and Us Weekly.

Smartphone owners need only download the free Microsoft Tag client, install it on their device, launch the application and point the camera at the tag on the ad.

Microsoft Tag will do the rest, namely seamlessly taking them online where they can even view the trailer for “Bridesmaids.”

“We’re excited to use Microsoft Tag and this new form of mobile tagging technology to reach our audience,” revealed Doug Neil, senior vice president of digital marketing for Universal Pictures.

“We look forward to incorporating Tag to extend our marketing for ‘Bridesmaids’,” he added.

According to the software giant, this is Microsoft Tag’s debut in a nationally released movie, and Universal is the first major film studio to embrace the mobile tagging technology for its promotion campaign.

“We’re excited that Universal Pictures is using Tag to reach its target audience and promote ‘Bridesmaids,’” added Bill McQuain, director of Tag product management at Microsoft Corp.

“Microsoft Tag engages users when and where they’re most interested, and we’re thrilled with the way Universal Pictures chose to implement our technology to offer a richer, interactive brand experience for moviegoers.”

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