Microsoft “Surprised” with Google Killing Key Gmail Feature

The company is once again urging users to move to

Google’s decision to end support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) has shocked pretty much everyone, but Microsoft clearly sees this as an opportunity to bring more users to its very own

The Mountain View-based search giant has announced that adding new devices for the Exchange Active Sync protocol would no longer be allowed after January 30 for a number of services, including Contacts, Calendar and the utterly-popular email service Gmail.

Microsoft, however, recommends everyone to make the switch to, explaining that it already provides a bunch of tools to make the transition easier.

“So if you want a better email, especially on your phone or tablet, it's time to join the millions who have already made the choice to upgrade to,” the company said in a blog post.

But this isn’t Microsoft’s first attempt to bring Gmail users to

A survey conducted by a third-party company hired by Microsoft last month revealed that 4 out of 5 Gmail users are ready to dump Google’s very own email service and switch to

It appears that most Gmail users like the keyboard shortcuts available in, as well as the quick access to search operations and conversation threading.

“We asked the Gmail users to sign-up for addresses, forward email from Gmail to, and try's best features. The Gmail users loved it,” Microsoft explained.

“We found that about a third of users are active Gmail users trying for the first time. To date, over 25 million of you are already actively using the new”

At this point, Microsoft’s has more than 25 million active users, but given the fact that Google has decided to retire EAS from Gmail, the overall number of people who switch to Microsoft’s email service is very likely to grow.

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