Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets Run Over by Car, Survives

The Surface once again proves to be a very durable device

Another Microsoft Surface tablet got run over by a car in what seems to be a very suspicious report that once again emphasizes how durable the device actually is in real life.

Rob Waldhauser of Kingsville, Maryland revealed on the forums that he went through an unfortunate moment pretty similar with the one we told you about last week.

In just a few words, his very own 64 GB Surface flew off the roof of his car as he was driving to work. Another car ran over the device, the tablet and the keyboard flew in separate directions, the Surface hit the ground and, despite all of this, it still works.

“The tire of the car ran completely over the Surface and next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions!” he explains on the forums.

“My heart jumped, and so did I! I jumped out of my car and ran across the street to first grab the tablet, then the Surface, and then my phone which of course fell out of my lap during all this. I jumped back in my car just before 60 mph traffic made its way to me!”

While this could very well sound like a suspicious story that could also be a publicity stunt sponsored by Microsoft, it’s not surprising that the Surface withstands such extreme tests.

The device is made of Vapor Magnesium, a very durable material that protects the hardware side of the device, while also keeping the tablet very light.

The Surface feels completely sturdy, exactly like how I got it. Everything works in it, even the touch cover (which got a slight tear in it) works completely fine! Microsoft has made such an incredible product, I am completely speechless how this could happen!” Waldhauser concludes.

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