Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Gets DisplayLink USB Dock

It will give the tablet more audio and display ports, plus peripherals

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, based on an x86 processor and running the Windows 8 operating system, was made for businesses, but it isn't exactly something that helps with productivity most of the time, so DisplayLink wants to fix this.

Overall, the Surface Pro is dramatically superior to what netbooks used to be a few years ago, in hardware and software alike.

The portability also makes it handy for being brought to a presentation or meeting, assuming there is a means to display the info on a larger screen.

As it happens, a means to extend the display area is precisely what DisplayLink has created: a USB docking station with video outputs for basically all sorts of screens.

The dock connects to and gets information from the tablet via USB 3.0, then shows the contents of the screen on whatever monitor, or monitors, is hooked up to its HDMI or DisplayPort outputs.

For extra functionality, a Gigabit Ethernet connector is included as well, as are a pair of USB 3.0 outputs (besides the Host input) and two USB 2.0 ports.

Once a Surface Pro and this dock are brought to a gathering, the door is open for Sky conferencing, and multiple display document viewing, among many other things.

Furthermore, thanks to all the ports and plugs mentioned above, the dock can connect all office computers, or ultrabooks, desktops and tablets owned by coworkers.

Then there is the chance to add more peripherals (mice, larger keyboards, headsets, etc.). All in all, DisplayLink docks can do a lot to ease the use of Surface Pro, or really any PC, and it only takes one USB connection.

"Everyone loves the mobility and portability of tablets, however in the office we still long for a full desktop experience so we can be productive," said John Cummins, vice president sales and marketing for DisplayLink,

"DisplayLink enabled docking stations and displays are the perfect accompaniment for Microsoft Surface Pro tablet users, enabling mobility when traveling while providing a full desktop experience when back at the office via a single plug-and-display USB cable. With this level of connectivity and expansion, the tablet is transformed from just another content consumption device to a full content creation and productivity workstation."

No specifics are mentioned in the press release, about model, names, prices or availability dates. Since this is something meant for businesses and IT organizations, it can be presumed that contacting DisplayLink directly to inquire about products and contracts is the way to go.

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