Microsoft Surface Pro Hit by Another Bug: Screen Brightness Suddenly Changes

The company confirms the issue and promises a fix anytime soon

Lucky consumers who managed to get their hands of a Surface Pro have discovered another bug that’s affecting the tablet, this time related to the screen brightness.

According to several posts on the Microsoft Answers community forums, the brightness changes all of a sudden, even though the auto dimming control is turned off.

“The Surface Pro randomly brightens and dims even when auto brightness and dimming is completely shut off. I contacted Microsoft chat support and they said they are aware of the issue but it’s taking longer than expected,” one user wrote on the forums.

“I have just completely restored my surface to factory image. The problem presents itself again, when not plugged in, the display brightens and dims randomly. It might take a few minutes for it to do it, upon a restart of the surface, but it will do it, and continue to do it until you reboot, it will stop for a few minutes but then start again. Rebooting only temporarily fixes the problem for a few minutes,” another one confirmed.

While some consumers reported that the screen brightness changes only when the device runs on battery, others confirmed that refreshing the operating system or rebooting the tablet several times doesn’t make any difference.

Microsoft confirmed the problem and said in a short message posted on the forums that a fix would be released in the near future, most likely together with next month’s Patch Tuesday updates that are also expected to repair some other bugs reportedly affecting the tablet.

“Sorry for the delay. We are aware that this issue occurred on the Surface with Windows RT and is occurring for some users with the Surface Pro. We are investigating what is causing the issue,” Steven_B, a forum moderator and a Surface team member, explained.

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