Microsoft Surface Pro 3 US Pricing Revealed

The new Surface Pro tablet is already available for pre-order in the United States

Microsoft recently introduced the new Surface Pro 3 in the United States and the tablet is now available for pre-order, meaning that all those who are planning to get the device can reserve one right now.

Just as expected since it's such a powerful machine, the Surface Pro 3 is not at all affordable, but instead comes with prices starting from $799 (585 euros) for the entry-level model.

Of course, prices vary by hardware configuration, so the top-of-the-range version costs nearly $2,000, which is clearly a bit expensive for a new device.

The thing is that Microsoft is positioning the Surface Pro 3 as the perfect laptop replacements because it mixes the better of two different worlds and acts as both a tablet and a notebook. This means the Surface Pro 3 was designed from the very beginning to serve as an alternative to the traditional laptop, so it's only natural to expect a price in the same region.

Here are the full pricing details for the United States:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 64 GB with Intel i3 - $799 (585 euros)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128 GB with Intel i5 - $999 (730 euros)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i5 - $1,299 (950 euros)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i7 - $1,549 (1,130 euros)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 512 GB with Intel i7 - $1,949 (1,425 euros)

Panos Panay, head of the Surface division, revealed in the press conference on Tuesday morning that the Surface Pro 3 was indeed designed to bring you the best of tablets and laptops, so pricing shouldn't be such a major drawback for corporate users.

“Most laptops are designed to help you type term papers, write letters, work on big applications, work on spreadsheets, browse the web, create content, make movies… you name it. In designing Surface, we wanted to design a device that can marry the power of the full PC without compromising the sleek finish, elegant look and feel, light weight, thinness, and great battery life that we expect from a tablet,” he pointed out.

Of course, the hardware capabilities of the device are the ones pushing up the price, so check out the technical specifications of the Surface Pro 3 to find out why you need to spend so much money on a tablet that can also play the role of a laptop and then rush to Microsoft's website to submit your pre-order.

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