Microsoft Surface Lets You Type 86 Words per Minute

The Surface Touch lets you type just as easily as on a standard keyboard

As you probably know by now if you’re a Microsoft fanboy (although we bet that most fanboys have already ordered a Surface), the company’s first tablet ever comes with a so-called Touch Cover that also plays the role of a keyboard.

Some would say that attaching a keyboard to a tablet doesn’t make typing easier, but in Surface’s case, it really does that.

Or at least, that’s what the Surface Team claims it does.

Members of the Surface Team talked to reddit users during an AMA session, revealing some very interesting bits about the tablet. Among them, the typing speed on a Touch Keyboard.

“I am Yi-Min and I am on the User Research team. I can type about 86 wpm on the Touch Cover and I am typing on a Pink Touch Cover!” one of the messages posted by the Surface Team reads.

“Personally I can type about 65 words per minute on the Touch Cover. It has been a pretty cool experience tuning the keyboard and getting to a point where we are able to touch type effectively,” another member of the team wrote.

The Black Touch Cover is available for both 32 GB and 64 GB versions of the tablet, but can also be ordered separately for $119.99 (€91).

The Black Touch Cover is only 3 mm thin and weighs just 0.2 kilos. By default, it’s available in black, but also in some other colors such as white, cyan, magenta and red.

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