Microsoft Surface Keynote Complete Coverage

Microsoft is officially launching its first tablet ever

The Redmond-based technology company has already unveiled pricing for the Surface tablet, but the device will be presented for the first time to the public in a few minutes.

This is Microsoft’s first tablet ever and is regarded as a very risky bet in a market that’s until now dominated by Apple and its iPad tablet. Microsoft’s Surface is considered a potential iPad killer, but early reviews and technical specs claim that the two are quite different.

The cheapest Surface however was sold out in less than 24 hours since Microsoft unveiled pricing information, which pretty much suggests that it could be a successful product after all. All the other versions were sold out in just a few days and the same happened all over the world, including in France and in the United Kingdom.

Microsoft says that those who preorder a Surface tablet will get it in about three weeks, depending on the country they live in. That’s not at all a problem for those who want to get in line today at noon, as Microsoft is also selling the Surface in its traditional stores.

So here we are, the moment we’ve been waiting for months. Microsoft unveils the Surface tablet in front of a crowd that was already impressed with the new Windows 8 operating system.

Of course, feel free to use the comment box below to express your view on the tablet and on the keynote and don’t forget to hit the “Refresh” button every minute, as we’re updating this article quite often. Happy Surfacing!

Update #1: the keynote just started with a video showing the Surface:

Review image

Update #2: Panos Panay, the general manager of the Microsoft Surface, is talking about the new device.

Review image

The Surface is great, says Panay. It had to feel great, and it really is great. It recharges very quickly, in two hours I get an almost full battery.

The contrast we created with the ClearType technology is amazing, Panay explained. He demonstrated the Xbox SmartGlass with his Surface. It works great, with a single touch, he stated.

Panay says that the Surface can be used for anything. Listening to music is extremely easy, he revealed.

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Panay has just performed the “drop” test with the Surface to demonstrate the Vapor Magnesium case. It still works!

Live demo of the Surface camera. It's pretty cool, the Microsoft exec says. We created a stand to capture the most important angle, Panay said.

The kickstand is such an important feature, he explained, it provides a really cool experience that allows you to record movies with minimum effort.

Surface is an amazing tablet, you can play games, you can watch movies, you can get stone done. When we talk about extending Windows, we also talk about extending Office, it's very important.

The Black Touch Cover is so thin because everybody was looking for an awesome cover, said Panay.

You buy Surface, not because it is great, but also because it does all the things your laptop can do, he explained. Panay uses the “great” term quite a lot...

I type 64 words per minute, the Microsoft exec explained, I can type and talk at the same time. The Surface can do that for you. I can even record and take notes at the same time.

You shouldn't take the Black Touch Cover off. It's really useful, the Microsoft official explained, while showing how thin the cover really is.

Update #3: Panay, Sinofsky and a blogger demonstrate the new Surface tablet.

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Sinfosky takes to the stage and says that Surface is not just a tablet; it's the best tablet he had ever used. It’s not just a laptop, it's the best laptop he had ever used.

We're very excited to share this moment with you, it's reimagining software and hardware together, he said.

The second Microsoft event of the day has just came to an end. Microsoft Surface will go on sale tomorrow at all Microsoft Stores across the world.

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