Microsoft Surface Gets Humiliated by Apple’s iPad in Browser Benchmark

The browser available on the Surface is one of the slowest, new benchmarks reveal

Since it runs Windows RT, the Microsoft Surface tablet is equipped with the 10th build of Internet Explorer, a version that’s supposed to be faster, more stable and more secure than ever before. On both computers and tablets, that is.

A new series of browser benchmarks performed by Peacekeeper, however, revealed that Microsoft’s Surface actually comes with one of the slowest browsers on the market, way behind the current leader Apple iPad and Apple iPhone 5.

According to the findings, the fourth generation iPad boasts the fastest browser in the tablet and mobile phone market, followed by the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Microsoft’s Surface is almost the last on the list, with only two other devices behind it, namely the Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Samsung Galaxy S II.

Acer Iconia W500, one of the Windows 8 tablets that currently compete against the Surface, is also placed better than Microsoft’s very first device in this particular market.

Overall, the Surface got crushed by most of its rivals, including Apple’s iPad, the iPad mini, Nexus 7, Acer Iconia and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. As we’ve told you, just one tablet received a worse browser performance score than the Surface – the Transformer Prime.

The desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, on the other hand, is much faster, and a new study conducted by New Relic revealed that it’s even better on Windows 8.

Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest browser on the new Microsoft operating system and even better than world renowned apps such as Firefox 15, Safari 5, Chrome 21, Opera 12 and Chrome 22.

Review image
Microsoft has no reason to be pleased with these results. The Surface is almost the last device in these new browser performance tests. What’s more, this latest build of Microsoft’s in-house browser comes with a significant speed increase over its predecessors, proving once again that Internet Explorer is getting better with every new version.

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