Microsoft Surface Flies Off a Moving Car, Still Works

Another Surface drop test, this time performed in real-life

The Vapor Magnesium case is indeed pretty durable and Microsoft has already showed everybody that it can withstand huge shocks in an in-house drop test.

But although we all know that the Surface is such a durable device, performing similar tests in real-life is a bit scary. And painful. And Kurt Shintaku probably knows the feeling very well.

The Los Angeles-based blogger is one of the guys who really know how durable the Surface actually is. He forgot the tablet on the roof of his car and drove away. The next few moments were terrible.

“I guess it stayed there for several blocks as I sped down a main thruway before I made a lane change on Westwood Blvd & it lost its grip, slid off the top, & careened off the side of my car into the middle turn lane. (sob) Several onlookers watched in horror as the device toppled corner-over-corner finally resting a lane over from where I was,” he writes.

And that’s not all. “Then a car going the opposite direction drove over it while making a left turn,” he adds.

Luckily, if we can really use this word in such a story, the other car didn’t run over the tablet.

But surprisingly, the device still works. “In a geekpanic, I stopped my car in the middle of the road and ran out to find it. A pedestrian shouted its location having watched the whole thing happen, then asking, Damn dude – is it okay?” the blogger explained.

Microsoft performed its very own drop test right on the stage during the Surface launch party. Unsurprisingly, the device still works, even if it's dropped several times.Truth is, the adventurous Surface has some 6 or 7 hard nicks on the magnesium case and lots of scratches, but the screen was fully intact, so it still works.

For those of who forgot, the Surface is made of a Vapor Magnesium case that weighs in just 1.5 lbs (0.6 kg) and can withstand severe hits without actually damaging the internal hardware.

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