Microsoft Surface 2.0: Windows 8.1, Qualcomm 800 Chip

The new tablet could be released next week during the BUILD developer conference

As we reported to you earlier today, Microsoft has reportedly joined forces with Qualcomm to equip the second-generation Surface tablet with Snapdragon 800 processors, in an attempt to make the devices much faster.

But that’s not the only new thing to be available in Surface 2.0. If we are to trust all rumors on the matter, Microsoft is hoping to make the upcoming device a much more powerful rival for iPad and Android tablets, so the company would most likely expand the Surface product family with new versions.

It appears that a new 8-inch device powered by Windows 8.1 is very likely to hit the market sometime this year, especially because the Softies are looking into ways to compete with iPad mini and Nexus 7.

The device would be created with the same partners that helped Microsoft launch the first-generation Surface, but would instead feature an advanced display and improved touch support.

Windows 8.1 will also play a key role for the next Surface tablet, so plenty of improvements specifically aimed at smaller units, be they 7- or 8-inch devices, will also make their way in the operating system.

The Inquirer writes that Microsoft is also expected to bring out a 10.1-inch tablet equipped with an NVIDIA processor and featuring either 32 or 64 GB of internal storage.

It appears that the aforementioned Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor will be installed on top-of-the-range units, while the NVIDIA-powered devices will be more affordable and will provide a somewhat limited experience, similar to what we’re seeing already on the Surface RT.

As far as the release date is concerned, Microsoft is rumored to prepare a brief unveiling during the BUILD developer conference next week, most likely after the public debut of Windows 8.1 Preview.

More details will be probably provided in the coming days, so keep an eye on our news section for the latest info.

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