Microsoft Still Working on Surface Wi-Fi Fix as Users Ask for Refunds

The Redmond-based tech titan is yet to release a patch for Surface’s Wi-Fi issues

Microsoft’s Surface is currently the most popular Windows 8 device on the market, but people who have already purchased one experience all kinds of problems. Both hardware and software, that is.

The latest complaints concern the Surface Wi-Fi connection, as a recent software update has apparently messed up the network adapters drivers.

Some Surface owners now experience limited or no Wi-Fi connection, even though both the router and the other Wi-Fi-capable devices are working just fine.

“I'm still having issues even after the latest firmware updates recently released. This is my second Surface RT experiencing this issue (first one returned due to logo degradation). I have also borrowed a friends [sic] Surface RT with same results,” one of the users explained.

The software giant is still working on the fix, Steve_B, a forum moderator and a Surface support engineer, said in a post.

“I know we haven't updated you guys recently and I apologize for that. We are working on a fix, but there is no ETA at the time,” he said.

This isn’t good news for Surface owners, as some of them are starting to lose patience and ask for refunds.

“Microsoft, we all have invested a lot of monies in your ‘Holy Grail’ effort, please don't let us down. I take a beating from the iPad fan boys on this one,” a Surface owner wrote. “Not what I was expecting when I pre-ordered my Surface so I would have it on day 1. Three weeks later and still no patch or driver update or anything? Also very frustrating,” another one explained.

There’s no workaround available for the time being and although some forums suggest various tricks to solve the problem, none of them actually work and provide nothing more than a temporary fix.

Microsoft will most likely release the patch in the next few days, so affected Surface users have no other choice than to wait until this fix is officially released.

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