Microsoft Starts Sending Out Emails to Tell Users About Botched Windows Updates

Redmond recommends users to uninstall a handful of patches

Some of the patches released by Microsoft last week as part of the Update Tuesday cycle are doing more harm than good, and plenty of users confirmed that, among the issues they got, there was also a Blue Screen of Death error at first boot.

Microsoft has already confirmed that it’s looking into reports and says that a fix is on its way, but users are obviously still very frustrated that the company’s updates are leading to so many issues on their Windows devices.

In an advisory rolled out a couple of days ago, Microsoft is telling users to uninstall KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719, and KB2975331 updates until a fix is delivered, but some of our readers are now claiming that the company is also sending out emails to make sure that more people get the message.

Posts on Microsoft’s Community forums confirm the BSODs on Windows 7, but it appears that some other Windows versions, including the newly launched 8.1, could also be suffering from the same problems.

“I experienced BSOD on an HP Envy machine with Windows 7 Home 64 bit. I was able to solve the problem by selectively removing KB2982791 and KB2970228. The problem occurs on a cold boot only. All other August updates installed without a problem. Awaiting MS fix,” one user writes, confirming that Microsoft’s workaround to uninstall the aforementioned updates does work.

Another one however claims that the problem is most often occurring on Windows 7, while Windows 8 devices running the same updates seem to be pretty fine after installing the August releases.

“I knew I should not have allowed that update. Glad to know other people have the same problem. I am in perpetual BSOD on my Win 7 machine. My Win 8 seems fine so far. Annoyed. Though glad I have another machine to use, I can't use QuickBooks for now (it's only on Win 7 machine) . Hope there is a fix soon so I don't have to boot from disk or uninstall anything,” he writes.

Given the fact that so many users are affected by the issues, expect the company to speed up work on a fix, so more information is very likely to be provided in the coming days. In the meantime, just make sure that you’ve uninstalled and hidden the aforementioned patches in case you’re experiencing the same behavior after installing the updated rolled out by Microsoft last week.

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