Microsoft Starts Reminding Users of Messenger’s Retirement

The company will discontinue Windows Live Messenger on April 8

Redmond-based technology giant Microsoft will officially retire its popular Windows Live Messenger client on April 8 for English-speaking users, while the other versions will be discontinued gradually until April 30.

The company has now started sending emails to registered users to remind them that Messenger will soon become unavailable and that Skype is the best alternative to an otherwise very appreciated piece of software.

“Hello, as you may have heard, starting April 8th, 2013 we are bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together, including your IM and contact list. (April 8th is the first day that you may be required to upgrade to Skype),” Microsoft says in the email sent to its users, according to a report published by WinBeta.

Many users are absolutely outraged by Microsoft’s decision to kill Messenger completely and refuse the migration to Skype, even though the company guarantees that its VoIP platform packs all the features they would ever need.

But since the transition seems to be such a pain in the neck for so many users, the software giant has even launched a special campaign to offer everybody one month of free Skype calls to landlines and mobiles. More information on the promo is available here.

“We know saying goodbye can be hard, but don't worry. Not only will all your Messenger contacts appear in Skype when you upgrade and sign-in, but you can also redeem a free welcome gift. Follow the instructions below to enjoy calls to landlines and mobiles around the world, group video calling, group screen sharing (and more) absolutely free for a month. We want to thank you for being a Messenger customer and even more, are excited to welcome you to Skype!” the company explained.

Even though WLM will be soon discontinued, keep in mind that the Messenger service will continue to live on for a while so, in case you’re using a third-party client to talk to your friends, there’s no need to make the switch right now.

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