Microsoft Social Network Socl Already Spammed with Rogue Pharmacy Ads

Links to malware-laden websites haven't been spotted, yet

Hours after Microsoft started allowing everyone to join the Socl social network, cybercriminals have already spammed it with links to their malicious websites.

Experts from security firm GFI Software reveal that so far, they’ve only identified Canadian pharmacy spam, but links to pieces of malware could soon follow.

Spam messages that advertise rogue pharmaceutical products have been around for several years now on other social networks. The individuals that run these types of campaigns have migrated to each platform as they gained popularity.

However, from now on, when we advise you not to click on shady links posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterests, we’ll also include Socl.

We might also see some phishing scams in the upcoming period, so I advise you to check out the domain you’re on before rushing to enter your credentials.

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