Microsoft's Smartwatch Is Real and Runs Windows 8, Report Claims

Redmond is getting closer to the official launch of its own smart watch

We already knew that Microsoft is developing its very own smartwatch, but according to new information, the company is very close to the public launch of the device that would mark its debut in the wearables market.

The information comes via a website called GearLive which says it has tested Microsoft’s allegedly called “Surface watch,” which could be launched sometime this year.

While nobody can tell for sure whether this is true or not, the report doesn't bring too many new details beside the ones we already knew, such as OS compatibility, design and, and connectivity options.

People close to the development process previously said that Microsoft's smartwatch could run an operating system based on Windows 8, possibly Windows RT, which would provide compatibility not only with Windows, but also with iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms. The same information was also revealed in recent patent fillings, so again, they're not new.

At the same time, the report claims that Microsoft is planning to equip the device with several sensors, including a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS, and gyroscope. Nothing surprising here either, as such features are already available on a number of wearables and would pretty much makes sense to be offered on Microsoft's smartwatch as well.

Redmond is said to be pondering a design that would allow owners to detach the watch from the wristband and recharge it separately using a dedicated dock, while also being able to connect it to a number of other devices, such as your PC or tablet, for easy data transfer.

Unconfirmed details about the smartwatch also said that Microsoft is working to implement a 1.5-inch touchscreen that would obviously allow owners to access its features with just one tap. A Windows 8-based operating system would be the foundation of this touch-capable device, with synchronization features offered for all modern Windows gadgets, including Surface tablets, possible thanks to Microsoft account support, sources said.

At this point, Microsoft hasn't said a thing about a possible smartwatch and prefers to remain tight-lipped on this project, as it usually refuses to comment on new products until they hit the market.

People close to the company's development plans pointed out that Microsoft doesn't want to be late to the wearables party, so it plans to debut the smartwatch sometime this year. An announcement at E3, however, is very unlikely and expect the company to prepare a separate press event when the smartwatch is ready.

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