Microsoft Shows How Important the Start Screen Is in Windows 8 Pro

The company tries to remind businesses that Windows 8 is the right choice for everyone

It’s no secret that Microsoft tries to convince everyone that Windows 8’s Start Screen is actually a helpful replacement for the traditional Start button, so the company has taken another measure to make this feature a bit more familiar.

In a blog post supposed to show businesses that Windows 8 Pro can actually tackle their needs too, Microsoft has also explained that the Start Screen can significantly improve work flow and efficiency.

“The operating system on business computers plays a huge role in improving efficiency and work flow. Features in Windows 8 Pro such as the new Start screen is built of tiles that allow small businesses to put all the things they rely on and care about most, such as their most-used business apps or possibly their holiday shopping list, right in front of them,” Microsoft said.

In the meantime, the Start Screen remains one of the most controversial features ever released in a Windows operating system, with many analysts suggesting that Windows 8 could miss sales projections just because of this change.

In addition, users are continuously calling for Microsoft to bring back the Start button and the Start Menu, two features that could make the new Windows 8 a more familiar working environment.

“For Microsoft to be successful in pushing customers from earlier versions of windows they have to restore the start button. That is what is causing more confusion to the inexperienced Windows users,” Sam, one of the Softpedia readers, said.

“MS should enable Start Menu without disabling the start screen or Windows 8 is just going to fail. Or should I say already failed?” added xyzuser.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has no intention to bring back the Start button, with Julie Larson-Green, the new Windows boss, emphasizing that it’s all just a matter of time until consumers get used to the Start Screen.

It usually takes around two weeks to discover the benefits of Windows 8’s Start Screen, Green recently said, but more experienced users could do it in just two days.

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