Microsoft Rolls out Windows 8 Mail Update, but Not for All Users

Some Windows 8 users didn’t receive the Mail app update

Microsoft announced last week that it would roll out the first Windows 8 app update this week and new builds for the “SkyDrive” tool have already been received yesterday.

Today, the company is updating the “Mail” app, but it seems that only a few users are actually getting it.

We’ve received reports that the new “Mail” app has landed in the Windows Store of several users out there, but some of our Windows 8 workstations here at Softpedia didn’t get it.

As you probably know by now if you are a Windows 8 users, Microsoft delivers the app updates via Windows Store, so whenever an update is ready for the installed apps, a small notification should appear on the Windows Store live tile.

Surprisingly, no notification is available yet for the Mail app, but Microsoft will most likely release the update in the next few hours.

The new “Mail” app will come with a conversation view mode for your inbox, but also with complete IMAP account support. In addition, Microsoft will update the “Mail,” “Calendar,” “People” and “Messaging” apps with dedicated tools to accept and decline invitations in email.

Capturing and updating your account picture will also be possible thanks to the new update and so will be searching for a contact within the messaging app.

Microsoft has also worked on the integrated search feature of most Modern Apps available in Windows 8, so the new “Mail” utility will also come with an enhanced search tool that would allow users to search for messages stored in the inbox a lot faster and easier.

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