Microsoft Rolls Out New SkyDrive Features

Including support for ODF files, sharing to Twitter, 300MB file size limit

Microsoft’s SkyDrive service has now some more features to offer to its users, following a quiet update that the software giant operated to it.

The most notable upgrade that SkyDrive has seen now is the support for Open Document Format (ODF), in addition to the already supported Office documents.

The Redmond-based software company announced, back in February, plans to make support for ODF files available in SkyDrive, but it did not offer specific info on when the feature will be released.

The Open Document Format for Office Applications (ODF) is an XML-based file format that can be used for spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents.

Up until now, Microsoft offered users the possibility to create, view, and edit only Office documents on SkyDrive.

In addition to support for ODF, Microsoft also added support for sharing files to Twitter straight from the SkyDrive web interface.

Another important update is the possibility to upload files larger than 300MB using the browser, which should make many users happy.

Rival cloud storage solutions do not come with a low file size limit like SkyDrive, and Microsoft is certainly aware of the fact that it has to change its offering as well.

In fact, the company will raise the file size upload limit to 2GB in the not too distant future, through the release of an application for the desktop.

The last change that Microsoft announced for SkyDrive is the option to have URLs for Windows Phone images shared on Twitter automatically shortened using Microsoft’s own shortner,

There are appealing additions to the cloud service, yet it seems that other updates are also planned to be unveiled in the next months.

In fact, the SkyDrive team confirmed that in a recent document outlining the aforementioned changes in the service, through saying that there are “some really big things coming soon.”

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