Microsoft Rolls Out Major App Update Ahead of Windows 8.1 Update Launch

Redmond has released improvements for its Bing Metro apps

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8.1 Update in just a few days, so the company has started updating its Metro apps available on Windows 8.1 in order to prepare them for a new OS release.

Computers and tablets running Windows 8.1 are provided with a plethora of updates starting this morning and all users are strongly recommended to download and install the new versions in order to make sure that Windows 8.1 Update deployment will go smoothly.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Bing Health & Fitness, Bing Food & Drink, Video, Bing Travel, Weather, Bing News, Bing Sports, and Bing Finance have all been improved today, with the updates delivered through the store.

Microsoft is yet to provide us with some details about this new round of updates, but it’s pretty clear that the company wants to prepare every Windows 8.1 device for the upcoming OS update, so it’s critical for everyone out there to install them as soon as possible.

Windows 8.1 Update will bring quite a lot of improvements, but it’s not yet clear whether the software giant is also preparing some other enhancements for the Bing Metro apps or not. Performance improvements and some other changes could still be made, but there are no specifics on any other new features that could be implemented.

Thanks to the leaks that have reached the web in the past few week, we already know that Windows 8.1 Update will bring lots of improvements for desktop computers, including options to pin Metro apps to the taskbar, making them a bit more helpful for those using a mouse as the main input method and a standard monitor with touch capabilities.

At the same time, the Start screen has also received some tweaks, so it now comes with a search box and power controls letting you restart or shut down the device without the need for going through several menus and only then perform the task.

Windows 8.1 Update will be delivered to users sometime this month, with some sources close to Microsoft’s plans explaining that MSDN subscribers could get it as soon as tomorrow in order to try it out before the debut of the BUILD 2014 developer conference.

What’s more, end users could receive the improvements via Windows Update on April 8, the same day when the software giant is projected to launch a new round of improvements as part of its Patch Tuesday rollout.

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