Microsoft Rolls Out Infographic to Put Gmail in a Bad Light

The company says that its own is much better

Microsoft keeps telling us that its very own is better than Gmail and other email services out there but, in order to convince us, the company has now published a gigantic infographic to emphasize the reason this statement is correct.

Of course, the infographic brings in the spotlight the majority of Gmail’s setback and, thanks to an accompanying blog post, everyone can find them as well.

Here’s what Microsoft says in the introduction of a long blog post that brings every feature in the spotlight and emphasizes that Gmail’s capabilities are far from matching those of its service:

“Nothing is more fundamental to your satisfaction with an email program than your ability to manage your inbox efficiently,” the company explains.

“Both Outlook and Gmail allow you to ignore unwanted email and change the layout of the reading pane, but Gmail won’t let you create rules, insert Microsoft Word editing and formatting tools or cells from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into email, or send email with high, medium or low importance. In addition, Gmail gives you only limited ability to flag, categorize and sort email, and to drag and drop attachments into email messages. The Microsoft email solution offers all of those features and more.”

Microsoft then goes on to explain that accessing your email offline is easier thanks to the Outlook desktop client, while the Outlook Web App (OWA) also provides similar capabilities with the help of modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

The calendar, real-time communications, enterprise social technologies, security and compliance are all better in Outlook, Microsoft says, and just by looking at the adjacent infographic you can convince whether this is true or not.

Of course, Microsoft hasn’t missed the occasion to poke fun at Google for the way it promotes Gmail, explaining that customers do not need to settle to a product that forces them to do so many compromises.

“Google claims that Gmail is ‘good enough’ in comparison to the Microsoft email platform, which is a combination of the web version of Outlook and Outlook desktop client. Both OWA and Outlook (as part of the Office 365 suite) offer many valuable features that Gmail (as part of Google Apps for Business) does not. Why settle for email that is merely ‘good enough’ when Microsoft offers an excellent email solution that doesn’t force you to compromise?” the company adds.

Of course, it’s up to the user to device which service is better, but this infographic is still worth a look, so click on the thumb to see it in full size and let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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