Microsoft Reveals More Apps for Windows Phone 7

Some of the third-party apps that will be available with Windows Phone 7 were detailed yesterday by Microsoft, and among them are some of the biggest: Twitter, Netflix, openTable, Travelocity and Flixster.

Microsoft also announced that it has big plans for its own bid-based mobile ad exchange and said that the final version of the developer tools for creating Windows Phone applications is ready.

Brandon Watson from Microsoft said in a blog post that “some of the biggest names in apps and games are working to bring the right mix of high quality content to Windows Phone 7,” and added that all the developers that want to have their apps certified for sale in the Windows Phone Marketplace, will have to use the final version of the tools.

Concerning the ad exchange, Microsoft's Raj Kapoor said the company has perfected tools which will allow advertisers to have individually targeted ads, based on demographics, carrier, locations and other factors.

In a blog posting he said that both click to call and click to Web options will be possible, cnet news reports.

“With this launch, Windows Phone 7 app developers can maximize their mobile ad revenue by leveraging the industry's first real-time bidded Mobile Ad Exchange, our superior ad targeting, multiple purchase models and leading resellers including Microsoft's sales force--as well as the large-scale adCenter marketplace," he added.

The statements come nearly a month before the official release of the first Windows Phone 7-based phone (expected October 11).

Microsoft finished working on the Windows Phone 7 operating system earlier this month and devices are expected as early as next month from partners like HTC, Samsung, LG and others.

Bing also released a free version of its mobile SDK for use with Windows Phone 7 (with Bing Maps as its default mapping program) as well as on other phones.

Here you can see the apps for Twitter, Netflix, Flixter, openTable and Travelocity:

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