Microsoft Replies to Sony in Regard to PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360

Some interesting statements made by Aaron Greenberg

It seems that there is no end to the current console being waged for quite some time by the top three companies in the industry – Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. All of the manufacturers are trying to convince customers that their console is the best, and will take any measure in order to ensure that their product comes out on top.

Recently, however, things have gotten a bit quiet, with each of the producers minding its own business, until Sony has come forward with a press release in which it has showcased how its PlayStation 3 console, despite being the most expensive, offers the greatest amount of features “out of the box.”

The device is opposed to its other two rivals, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, which require a lot more financial effort after the standalone product is bought, because customers also need to purchase “peddling add-ons” so as to have the same features as the PS3.

Now, it seems that Microsoft has decided to reply to these accusations made by the Japanese company, as its Group Product Manager for Xbox 360, Aaron Greenberg, tackled the subject during an interview taken at the CES. The Microsoft executive said that, although the PS3 might be more powerful, customers still took into consideration the price tag, and that's where the Xbox 360 had the upper hand, a fact which he was confident that would reflect in the sales during the December month.

“First, I would say we absolutely would not want to trade places with Sony,” Greenberg said. “We feel like being half the price of the PS3 served us quite well this holiday. The fact that we're doing this at half the price of their platform, we feel confident that we're delivering great value. I believe that we deliver more value for games and entertainment than any other platform on the market. At the end of the day, consumers vote with their dollar, I don't think people take comparison grids into retail stores. I would rather talk about why you should buy our console than why you shouldn't buy the competitor's system,” the Microsoft executive concluded.

While Sony does have a point with its comparison between the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, it should have focused more on promoting its own product and endorsing it with more bundles across the world, or on investing in attractive games, and let's not forget that a price cut could make a product very attractive to cost-conscious customers.

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