Microsoft Removes Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Download Links

Users can only download the core version of Windows 7 right now

Windows XP’s days are numbered and everyone is strongly recommended to upgrade to a newer OS version as soon as possible, but those who are planning to switch to Windows 7 might experience serious problems when trying to download the official ISOs.

It turns out that Microsoft has taken down the download links for Windows 7 Service Pack 1, no matter the language version you are looking for, so the only thing you can do right now is to get the core build of Windows 7 that doesn’t include SP1.

TechVerse is reporting that the first issues appeared a couple of days ago, but it seems that Microsoft still hasn’t brought back the download links online.

Softpedia has, however, found a solution that could help replace the original Windows 7 Service Pack ISOs. The only thing you need to do is to download the non-SP1 version of Windows 7 and then get the service pack separately from Microsoft’s servers. Of course, you’ll have to work a little bit more than before, but in the end you’ll still have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 running on your computer.

‘Why is this news important?’ you might ask. With so many people trying to migrate from Windows XP and the majority choosing Windows 7, it’s a little bit surprising to see that Microsoft has actually removed the download links for the operating system of choice for most of these users.

At the same time, in case you’re having problems with your Windows 7 computer and you’re not the kind of user who keeps installation disks around, the official ISOs would clearly come in handy.

We’ve already reached out to Microsoft for a word on this, so we’ll update the article accordingly when and if we receive an answer.

Such a decision, on the other hand, might in turn cause more damage to the software giant itself by pushing users to other websites where they can find Windows 7 SP1. Piracy would thus be encouraged, although it’s the license you use that’s more important.

It’s not yet clear whether this is just a problem with Digital River, the company that hosts Microsoft’s Windows 7 ISOs, or it’s the decision of the software giant itself, but we’re still waiting for some clarification on this to find out how we can download Windows 7 SP1 these days. Trying the above trick, on the other hand, would help solve your problems, but a little bit more effort is needed.

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