Microsoft Releases Surface Firmware Update for “Better Performance”

The company has released several patches for Windows RT users

As part of its Patch Tuesday cycle, Microsoft has also released several updates aimed at Windows RT users, which obviously include those who have already purchased the company’s very own Surface RT.

While some of the fixes are expected to provide increased stability and better performance, one of the patches listed in the “Windows Update” section of “Control Panel” deserves a bit more attention.

It’s called “System Firmware Update” and is supposed to be deployed on all Windows RT devices, even though the Redmond-based technology company hasn’t said anything about it.

While a firmware update is quite unusual at this point, users are required to fully charge the device before proceeding, Paul Thurrott writes. And that’s pretty obvious, since running out of battery while applying a firmware update basically bricks your device completely.

As for the information Microsoft provides on this subject, we have nothing more than some vague instructions.

“When a Surface hardware (also known as firmware) update is available, you’ll see a notification on your Surface. When you get the notification, follow the on-screen instructions to update Surface using Windows Update.”

We can’t tell for sure right now, but the firmware update could fix some of the bugs users reported a few days ago concerning the Surface tablet.

Lots of consumers claimed that sound is unexpectedly muted whenever they are using the Touch Cover and although this could very well be a hardware issue, Microsoft officials have hinted that it’s all because of a software glitch.

What’s more, several sources familiar with the matter suggested that a fix is very likely to be released in a few days, so this could actually be the patch we’re all expecting.

Although there’s no information on the firmware released, such as version and improvements, Windows RT users are strongly recommended to apply all updates as soon as possible.

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