Microsoft Redesigns Store for Windows Phone 8.1, New Features Included

Automatic updates and categories are just some of the highlights

Let’s face it, Windows Phone Store is not the most user-friendly application store, so Microsoft needs to step it up and add some improvements fast if it wants Windows Phone 8.1 to be even more popular than the previous version.

Well, it appears that the Redmond-based company is aware that Windows Phone Store needs a lot of work and is now implementing some of the features that users have been asking for for a very long time.

It’s great that Microsoft has finally found the time to add more features to Windows Phone Store and it’s even greater that quite a lot of these features have been included at the request of users.

WPCentral has managed to capture some screenshots from the new Store for Windows Phone 8.1 and from what we have noticed, the future is bright for Microsoft and Windows Phone platform.

Among the most important new features that have already been implemented into Windows Phone Store, there is the option to update installed apps only over Wi-Fi. Windows Phone users will be able to see which of their installed apps need to be updated, just like on Android.

In addition, a new Downloads section has been added, where you will be able to see active downloads. A new “Use my location” feature is available as well for those who want better app suggestions on their devices.

The overall layout of the Store has been changed visually a lot, so Windows Phone users will notice new categories such as Overview, Reviews, Details and Related. There are also new shortcuts to Home, Share, My Apps, Settings and Downloads.

Windows Phone 8.1 Store (screenshots)
Windows Phone 8.1 Store (screenshots)
According to WPCentral, the screenshots of each application listed in the Windows Phone Store are now merged below the description, as opposed to having its own screenshot section.

Graphics-wise, Microsoft did some tweaking to the old version of Windows Phone Store and while some of these changes are not that obvious, they contribute to the general feeling of freshness.

There’s a new Quick Links section that contains featured apps and games, Top, New + Rising Apps and more. New + Rising Apps show the newest apps that made it to Windows Phone Store along with the applications that are trending. The same goes for the New + Rising Games section, which has been added as well.

The new Store for Windows Phone 8.1 will certainly meet most of users’ demands, especially that Microsoft continues to listen to its fans’ feedback and implement their valid requests quickly. What do you think about the new Windows Phone Store?


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