Microsoft Publicly Talks About Windows 9 for the First Time

The company unveiled some vague details about “the next Windows” at WPC 2014

Everybody knows that Windows 9 is already in the works, but Microsoft has until now remained completely tightlipped on this project, preferring to let the media and unofficial sources speculate on the new features that its future operating system could get.

Today, at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 in Washington, COO Kevin Turner has taken the stage to discuss about what's to come for Windows users, confirming for the very first time that Microsoft is already working “on the next generation of Windows.”

No specifics have been provided though, but he has said that this upcoming Windows version, which is very likely to be called Windows 9, will be more focused on enterprise features, while also making it easier for developers to create a single app that can work on multiple screen sizes and form factors.

Turner has said that API support for TV and PPI displays will also be offered, so apps that typically run on Windows RT or Windows Phone could also work on large screens such as TVs.

At the same time, Microsoft's COO has also added that the next Windows will be entirely based on consumer feedback, so expect some of the features that we've talked about lately to be indeed part of this OS version.

No information has been provided on the Start menu, but that “consumer feedback” motif clearly demonstrates that Microsoft is planning to bring this feature back in Windows in the next release. The company previously said that the Start menu would return in a second Windows 8.1 update, but it appears that plans have changed in the meantime, and Windows 9 is now a more likely destination for this feature.

As for the launch date, Turner has obviously refused to provide any information, but previous details pointed out that April 2015 would be very likely to witness the debut of this particular OS version. Two beta versions of Windows 9 are expected to be launched before the public release, one of which could see daylight later this year.

Many of these have details reached the web via unofficial sources, so don't take them for granted. Microsoft is, however, expected to share more on Windows 9 in the coming months as we move closer to the public launch of the first beta.

Next month, the company is expected to introduce Windows 8.1 Update 2, the second and the last pack of improvements for Windows 8.1 before the release of Windows 9.

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