Microsoft Promises Faster Browsing in Internet Explorer 12

The company talked about the next version of IE in an AMA session on Reddit

It’s no secret that Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, which would obviously include a brand new build of Internet Explorer, but information regarding the features that could be part of the upcoming browser is still missing.

The team working for Internet Explorer discussed its future plans in an AMA session on Reddit, promising to deliver a much faster experience as compared to the existing builds of Internet Explorer.

One of the areas that would be improved in Internet Explorer 12 was security, the team guaranteed, as they are already working with the Windows Defender team to offer better protection to those running Microsoft’s in-house browser.

“We work very closely with the Security Essentials/Defender teams to address these issues. IE + SE/Defender will even be a faster browsing experience on Windows,” a member of the Internet Explorer team said in a short response.

On the other hand, another member of the IE team confirmed that the browser would also be better as far as accessibility was concerned, but no specifics were provided.

“We're working on accessibility improvements in the next version - You'll see bug updates soon. Thanks!” he posted.

And still, could Internet Explorer become faster than its fiercest rivals Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? Microsoft says that it already is, but future builds will be significantly improved in order to offer an even better experience to users who run Windows on their devices.

“It would probably be faster but not sure how ‘meaningfully’ (we don't have any numbers at the moment since it would require building that and testing),” a member of the Internet Explorer team added.

“There are also other reasons such as simplicity of developing new features going forward. But on the flip side we also need the back compat that legacy modes bring us. We have some plans for how we want to tackle this going forward and will be talking about it more on the blog once plans are firmed up.”

The latest update that came out for Internet Explorer was released on this month’s Update Tuesday and brought only small enhancements, but the company is already working on a major security improvement that would block outdated ActiveX Controls on the webpages you load. This set of enhancements is scheduled to roll out next month for all versions of Internet Explorer currently on the market, including the newly launched IE10 and 11.

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