Microsoft Preps New Smoked by Windows Phone Ads

It wants to show that Windows Phone is faster at every common smartphone task

Microsoft’s latest campaign for Windows Phone has started to pick up steam, and the company is planning on taking full advantage of this.

We’re referring here to the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign that kicked off back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Microsoft is getting ready to release a new series of video ads to the web to show more on what its Windows Phone can do when compared to other platforms out there.

The campaign started with Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph (aka the PC Guy), who went to CES to challenge people to compete with his Windows Phone.

He was offering $100 to all those who managed to beat its Windows Phone device in speed when it came to taking a photo and uploading it to a social networking website, for example.

The campaign caught a lot of attention and was successful enough to determine Microsoft to bring it to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well, after running in a variety of the company’s stores in the US.

The campaign went viral and global, and we already had the chance to have a look at what Microsoft employees in other countries came up with in this area.

Now, Microsoft has new Smoked by Windows Phone ads set to hit the web, and it has already provided a sneak peak at them. You can view two such clips below.

The videos feature Ben Rudolph in his attempt to prove that Windows Phone can indeed smoke rival platforms regardless of the location or task.

“We bet people $100 that Windows Phone is simply faster at the everyday stuff they do on their smartphones,” Microsoft notes.

However, you won’t get to know who won these small battles, at least not just yet. Microsoft will unveil more on the matter on its Facebook page starting today.

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