Microsoft Posts Job Ads for Next Windows Phone OS, Hints to Kinect Integration

The next version of the operating system is in planning stages

Microsoft officially launched the Windows Phone 8 operating system about two weeks ago and the company is already planning its next steps in the smartphone industry.

WMPoweruser reports Microsoft is now recruiting for its next version of Windows Phone platform, though the Redmond-based company has yet to give it a name. The general ad posted on Microsoft’s site in the Carrier section reads as follows:

“We are a team within the Application Foundation team in Windows Phone whose purpose is to define the next generation Windows Phone application model and delight developers with multitasking, navigation experience, app integration and cloud connectivity.

“We are just coming out of the Windows Phone 8 launch and are just starting planning for the next major Windows Phone release. Now is an excellent time to join the team as you will take part in the decision making and design and help us build an even better experience for next generation Windows Phone users and Developers.”

There’s more to it as an excerpt from a much larger job ad hints to a possible Kinect integration in the next version of Windows Phone.

“We are a new team in Windows Phone whose primary goal is to have high performant fast and fluid UI and next generation input and media delivered to the Windows phone developer and end user graphics and gaming platform.”

“We want to ‘take it to eleven’. We want to build and innovate on the next generation Input and Gaming Platform.”

No other details are available for the moment, but it is way too early for any inside information that might prove solid.

With Windows Phone 8 just released, we expect Microsoft will try and monetize everything there is before launching the next version of its operating system. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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