Microsoft Officially Says Goodbye to Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger will be killed in the first quarter of 2013

Microsoft confirmed last week that Windows Live Messenger would be retired in the first quarter of 2013, so all users would have to migrate to Skype and adopt the built-in Messenger.

The company has now formally said goodbye to the 12-year old Messenger through a post on the “Inside Windows Live” blog.

Entitled “The next chapter for the Windows Live Messenger network,” the post is trying to convince users that retiring WLM is not at all a bad thing, as Skype comes with many more helpful features.

“We’re confident that Skype provides a better experience and even stronger network – today and even more so in the future, especially with the addition of the Messenger network,” Microsoft’s Brian Hall wrote on the blog.

The new Skype comes with support for Microsoft accounts, so consumers are already allowed to sign in with the same account they use for Messenger, Hotmail and

“Many of us use and love Messenger today – but it’s always been about the people that make up Messenger – not the app itself. This will be the final post on “Inside Windows Live.” It’s been quite a journey, and we’re excited about a future of amazing devices and services!” Hall added.

While Microsoft’s reasons for killing Windows Live Messenger are yet to convince all users to make the move to Skype, the company will continue to offer its instant messaging platform in China due to the local joint ventures it operates.

But unless you’re living in China, there’s no other option than to migrate to Skype. And in case you’re not doing it voluntarily at this point, Microsoft will force you to do it in the next few months, as the app will be retired in early 2013.

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