Microsoft Offers Statement on Botched KB2862330 Update

The company says that issues might be caused by USB drivers

More than one month after the official release, the KB2862330 is still causing problems to Windows users, as it’s being offered repeatedly on a number of computers.

While users cannot find any workaround to deal with the issue, Microsoft says that it could be caused by faulty USB drivers that are not compatible with the new update.

In a statement sent to Softpedia, Microsoft pointed to the “Known issues” section of the MS13-081 bulletin, which notes that some problems could be caused by incompatible USB drivers.

At the same time, the company says that a number of security applications might very well block the installation of the update, as they lock down Usbport.sys and thus the update is being offered repeatedly.

In some rare cases, the USB stack could be corrupted, so further action is required.

“For example, the servicing stack reports that there is a third-party driver that has the same name installed. Therefore the servicing stack does not install the updated driver from security update 2862330. This problem can occur when the user first installs an update that has a Usb.inf file, next installs an update that has both Usb.inf and Usbport.inf files, and then uninstalls the second update,” Microsoft explained.

To deal with this issue, Redmond recommends users to disable all USB Enhanced Host Controllers from Device Manager before installing the update.

“By successfully installing security update 2862330, you make sure that the USB 2.0 core stack is no longer corrupted. You can re-enable the controllers after you complete the installation of security update 2862330,” it says.

In the end, Microsoft states that it pays particular attention to all updates released to users, so the company is looking into every report indicating that a patch might be causing issues.

“The quality of security updates is critical to our customers, and it is a high priority for us. We are actively looking at where improvements can be made, with the goal of reducing implementation issues, and we will remain transparent with our customers about security threats, protections and update issue resolution,” said Dustin Childs, group manager, Response Communications, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing.

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