Microsoft Mum on Windows 8 Sales Despite New Attacks

The company doesn’t want to comment on Windows 8’s performance after launch

Microsoft is under fire once again after market researcher IDC rolled out a report to reveal that Windows 8 made no difference in the PC industry in the first quarter of this year, but the company continues to remain tight-lipped on the subject, despite all these attacks.

A Microsoft spokesperson told us in a statement that the PC market is slowly improving, hinting that Windows 8 is actually helping the recovery of an otherwise collapsing industry sector.

“The PC Market is evolving and highly dynamic. Today’s PCs come in multiple forms – from highly mobile Windows 8 tablets that function like full PCs, to convertible laptops with long battery life, to multi-touch all-in-ones that revolutionize the desktop PC,” the spokesperson said.

“Windows 8 sold over 60 million licenses in its first few months – a strong start by any measure. Along with our partners we continue to bring even more innovation to market across tablets and PCs.”

As you can see, Microsoft has changed its standard statement from “60 million sold licenses in two months” to “60 million sold licenses in its first few months,” which could be an indication that the company has no intention to provide us with some updated figures on the sales performance of its new operating system.

While this is a bit awkward given the fact that so many people continue to attack Windows 8, market share data provided by various companies across the world confirms that the new software is yet to make a name for itself.

Net Applications revealed a couple of weeks ago that Windows 8 has barely reached the 3 percent market share in March 2013, even though the official launch took place more than five months ago.

In the meantime, Microsoft engineers are hard at work to prepare Windows 8.1, a major refresh for Windows 8 that’s now seen as the only hope to reignite the falling PC market.

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