Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Descend in Redmond

Approximately 1,500 tech professionals

No less than 1.5000 tech professionals will descend in Redmond to attend the 2009 Microsoft MVP Global Summit hosted by the software giant between March 1-4, 2009. The event has as its nucleus Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), a select group of geeks in a privileged position with the Redmond company. Keynoted by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft chief executive officer, the 2009 Microsoft MVP Global Summit will offer a chance for participants to evolve their technical skills, as well as interact with the software giant's employees in order to provide feedback, as well as share the input of customers with the company.

“Microsoft knows that asking for and listening to customer feedback is essential, which is why we are extremely dedicated to the MVP Award Program,” explained Toby Richards, general manager of Community and Online Support for Microsoft. “The objective and independent feedback we receive from our MVPs ensures that our products and support are constantly evolving, resulting in innovative products and solutions for the global technology industry.”

Microsoft indicated that MVPs are considered a critical part of the company's technical community worldwide, and a key resource of feedback. In this context, the software giant has made it easy for 2009 Microsoft MVP Global Summit participants to interact closely with Microsoft product teams in order to help advance the current software offerings. Throughout the four days of the geek-centric event, Microsoft will also allow participants to take advantage of no less than 680 technical sessions dedicated to enhancing existing tech skills.

“We invite MVPs to experience our new technology early,” Richards added, “because we know that their feedback positively impacts the overall customer experience with our products and helps us better understand what our customers really want and need.”

Microsoft informed that while it accounts for in excess of 100 million members of various technical communities worldwide, MVPs are indeed a select group, with just over 4,000 around the world.

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