Direct Download Link for Windows Vista Leaked by Microsoft

Free for all!

Microsoft has leaked a direct download link for Windows Vista. The full 32-bit edition of Windows Vista is available free for all. Although the Vista direct download link has been made public since earlier this morning it has not been discontinued as of yet.

I have seen underground reports about a direct download link for Windows Vista apparently leaked by Microsoft grow to a consistent volume. Enough to credit it with a level of legitimacy. I have summed up approximately all the information available about the Vista download link in the introductory fragment.

But the fact of the matter is that I advise you to take it with a grain of sand. It is true that there are three, not one direct download links, as opposed to peer-to-peer connections, that point to just as many files.

boot.wim, install.wim and X13-49120.exe are the three files that put together make up a full edition of Windows Vista, according to various reports. At the time of this article all the links were fully functional. boot.wim is a 116 MB download, install.wim weights in at 2.24 GB and the X13-49120.exe is 73.7MB.

I will not provide you with the so-called direct download link for Windows Vista and I will also argument this move. The reports claim that the operating system is available directly from Microsoft. But the reality is different. The files are hosted on the domain, which apparently has some connections with Digital River. And the only thing that actually points to Microsoft is the "ms" in the address.

Additionally, the reports claim that the download is a full version of Windows Vista. Microsoft does offer Windows Vista digitally, but only the upgrade editions and exclusively via Windows Market place. Microsoft has never revealed plans to make the full operating system available for download.

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