Microsoft Launches Windows Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1

It enables users to easily find, read and share articles

In addition to Movie Moments, Windows Phone 8.1, users out there can now download and install another application specifically designed for their mobile platform, in the form of Windows Reading List.

The software comes from Microsoft itself and is yet another Universal App to have made its way to the new mobile OS version, after being released on Windows 8.1 not long ago.

Moreover, Microsoft explains in a recent blog post that the mobile app arrives on devices with many of the features and capabilities that were already present in the Windows 8.1 software, such as the possibility to easily organize and filter articles into categories.

However, Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 was also designed with an improved Home screen, meant to highlight an article from the list. This includes a big version of the article’s image visible on the home screen.

Moreover, right beneath this highlighted article, users will see the recently viewed section of the app, which will display the five most recent things launched from Reading List.

“With Reading List you can stop sending yourself links by email and easily track and manage all of the content you want to get back to later in a beautiful display,” the application’s description reads.

“You can share content to your list from the web or from other apps and easily come back to it when you have more time. Whatever you like to read or watch, the app makes it easy to save, find and get back to things you like, listing content you've saved in chronological order.”

The Windows Phone 8.1 app will also allow users to easily pin favorite categories to their start screen, which will ensure fast access to news at all times.

Users will also be able to delete articles once they complete reading them. In case you delete an article by accident, you will be able to find it in the recently deleted section.

In addition to allowing users to easily find and read articles that interest them the most, Windows Reading List will also enable them to easily share stories to apps like Facebook or OneNote.

Moreover, all articles shared to Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 will automatically sync with other devices, including those running under Windows 8.1, which will ensure that users receive access to them outside their phones as well.

You can download Windows Reading List for Windows Phone 8.1 from Softpedia today. The application is compatible only with devices running under Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview at the moment.

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